Alumni Achievements

The mission-driven physicians and nurse practitioners in our programs are at the heart of the Kraft Center model for effecting change on behalf of underserved communities.

We engage these talented young clinicians in a curriculum that strengthens their leadership ability, deepens their understanding of the social determinants of health, and provides them with a network of like-minded peers and leaders in the field – and they in turn go on to pursue careers that are distinguished by impact, idealism, and a commitment to community health.

We are delighted to share selected accomplishments of our first class of Kraft Fellows and Kraft Practitioners, who graduated in July 2014. We look forward to continuing to highlight Kraft Center graduate achievements as the network of Kraft Center alumni expands, and as each Kraft Center graduate progresses in his or her career. 

 Leadership Position Promotions –

  • Lauren Avery, MD | Director of Behavioral Health, Codman Square Health Center
  • Marguerite Beiser, NP | Director of Hepatitis C Services, Boston Health Care for the Homeless
  • Jennifer Brody, MD, MPH | Director HIV Services, Boston Healthcare for the Homeless
  • Joanna D’Afflitti, MD, MPH | Associate Medical Director of Primary Care, Boston Medical Center
  • Genevieve Daftary, MD, MPH | Director of Pediatrics, Codman Square Health Center
  • Katherine Hobbs Knutson, MD, MPH | Director of Behavioral Health, South Boston Community Health Center
  • Ebele Okpokwasili-Johnson, MD, MPH | Medical Director for Behavioral Health, South End Community Health Center
  • Joseph Panerio-Langer, MD | Assistant Medical Director, Brockton Neighborhood Health Center
  • Mark Viron, MD | Director Health Home Services, Massachusetts Mental Health Center

 National Conference and Meeting Presentations –

  • Maggie Beiser, NP
    2014 National Health Care for the Homeless Conference – presentation on enhancing care for homeless individuals with hepatitis C.
  • Joanna D’Afflitti, MD, MPH, Joseph Joyner, MD, MPH, Sarah MacLaurin, NP, and Mark Viron, MD
    2014 American Psychiatric Association Institute on Psychiatric Services – joint presenters on integrating care in underserved communities.
  • Kate Hobbs Knutson, MD, MPH
    2013 American Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists Annual Meeting – joint talk on the risks of treating children and adolescents in an integrated care setting.
  • Kate Hobbs Knutson, MD, MPH
    2013 American Public Health Association Annual Meeting – joint poster presentation on identifying youth with severe mental health conditions in primary care.
  • John Raser, MD
    2013 Family Medicine Education Consortium Annual Meeting – co-presentation on the family medicine residency within his community health center.

 Academic Publications –

  • Genevieve Daftary, MD, MPH
    • Palakshappa D, Daftary G, Feudtner C. An Ethically Appropriate Strategy to Combat Obesity and Food Insecurity:  The Urban Food Initiative. JAMA Pediatr. Published online August 18, 2014. doi:10.1001/jamapediatrics.2014.1154
  • Talya Salant, MD, PhD
    • Salant T, Slavin S, Baumrin E, Bordeu M, Rowley M, Brackett E, Severin P, Behforouz H. Lessons in translation: insights from a collaboration integrating community health workers into diabetes care. J Ambul Care Manage. 2013 Apr-Jun; 36(2):156-65
  • Mark Viron, MD
    • Viron M, Bello I, Freudenreich O, Shtasel D.  Characteristics of Homeless Adults with Serious Mental Illness Served by a State Mental Health Transitional Shelter.  Community Ment Health J. 2013 May 24 [Epub ahead of print]; (DOI) 10.1007/s10597-013-9607-5.
    • Viron M, Stern A, Keshavan M. Schizophrenia Complicated by Chronic Hepatitis C Virus and Hepatic Encephalopathy. American Journal of Psychiatry, 2014; 171 (1): 25-31.
    • Viron M, Zioto K, Schweitzer J, Levine G. Behavioral Health Homes: An Opportunity to Address Healthcare Inequities in People with Serious Mental Illness.  Asian Journal of Psychiatry, 2014 Mar 29; (DOI)

 External Grant Support and Other Resources –

  • Genevieve Daftary, MD, MPH
    Together with colleagues at Codman Square Health Center, secured a grant from the Boston Children’s Hospital Center for Collaborative Community Research (C-CORE) Pilot Grant Program to fund the evaluation of a school food program in Dorchester
  • Ebele Okpokwasili-Johnson, MD, MPH
    Secured a grant from the Llewellyn Foundation to expand a curriculum-based parent group at the South End Community Health Center and a local public school
  • Mark Viron, MD
    Together with colleagues at the Massachusetts Health Center, secured a $250,000 grant over a two year period from the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office to implement a comprehensive center-wide smoking cessation program

 Reaching a Broad Audience –