Kraft Center Forums for Learning and Discussion

 The Kraft Center for Community Health regularly brings together its participants in both Kraft Center programs with recognized leaders in their fields to learn more about major issues impacting community health.

Executive Director Speaking to Practitioners and FellowsMonthly Learning Days are day-long events designed to facilitate in-person discussion, peer learning, and a spirit of collaboration among the Kraft Practitioners. A collection of thoughtfully selected invited speakers share their insights about the month's highlighted topic with the group, and assigned readings on the topic precede each meeting. Monthly Learning Days are also open to Kraft Fellows, who almost always participate.

Leadership Development Seminars are weekly lunch-time conversations between the Kraft Fellows and a series of highly accomplished individuals, each of whom has carved out a unique career path related to community health. Discussions are informal and candid, and serve as an inspiration and touchstone to Kraft Fellows as they think about ways to craft their own novel contributions as future leaders in this field.

By design, participants in the Kraft Center programs practice in different Massachusetts community health centers, many of which are located at opposite ends of the state.  They come together at least once a month for in-person Monthly Learning Days.  In between, their engagement with the Kraft Center’s Virtual Learning Community keeps them discussing important topics, sharing useful resources, weighing in on one another’s projects – and generally continuing to build a vibrant, mutually supportive community among clinicians with a shared commitment to improving the health of patients and underserved, vulnerable communities.

The Virtual Learning Community is a dedicated online ‘space’ that uses technology both to enhance Kraft Center participants’ learning through peer interaction, and to facilitate strong, collaborative relationships among these clinicians despite the dual obstacles of distance and time.   Such a resource has been integral to both Kraft Center programs since their inception and is one of our key strategies for involving a wide range of Massachusetts community health centers, including those in rural communities far from Boston, in our work.  

Looking forward, we believe that the Virtual Learning Community will also be critical to sustaining the amazing community that is created by Kraft Center participants during their program – thus significantly enhancing the support and leverage available to an ever-growing number of accomplished clinician-leaders dedicated to improving community health.