Eligible Applicants

The Kraft Fellowship in Community  Health Leadership is a two-year program offered to up to two physicians who have completed an accredited residency program in one of the following disciplines: internal medicine, primary care, pediatrics, medicine-pediatrics, family medicine, psychiatry or child psychiatry.

The Kraft Fellowship provides:

  • Full-time salary at the Fellowship level of compensation.
  • Loan repayment of up to $50,000 for loans incurred for undergraduate or graduate education leading to a degree qualifying the Fellow to serve as a physician in a community health setting.
  • Graduate-level coursework at the Harvard School of Public Health leading to a Masters of Public Health (MPH) degree.  Applicants will need to apply separately to HSPH if accepted to the Kraft Fellowship Program.

Fellows are expected to make a minimum three year commitment to Community Health upon completion of the fellowship.

Please note that the Kraft Fellowship is now offered on an every-other-year basis only. Please note that we are not accepting applications for the 2017 class and plan to re-open for the 2019 class in the fall of 2018 (when we will consider residents graduating in 2017, 2018, and 2019). Feel free to contact us directly with any questions about this at